3 thoughts on “Tantrum Altert!

  1. Have no fear, Angelika, an intelligent woman like yourself will figure out the intricacies of a very user UNfriendly WordPress before too long.

    Now about your tantrum…

  2. Angelika! Settle down, young lady, or you’ll be in the corner with a sore bottom. Well, you should be anyhow, but I’ll ask Gwen to help you sort out whatever WordPress issues you’re having here.


  3. Have you got all day? Well, there’s this guy who keeps threatening to spank me, Devlin his name is… some kind of bottom fanatic/loony. Anyway, he says…

    Oh, thanks Devlin, old chum. That’s very kind of you. Not the corner time, of course, but asking Gwen. I have written a twenty-four page list of issues I have – Oh, no, wait a minute, those are my issues about you. Just a min whilst I search my desk…I may be some time.

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