AUTHOR BLOG HOP: Edits? Burn Baby Burn!

Welcome to my weekly author blog hop answer!
TODAY’S QUESTION IS: What do you do with your edits?
Question provided by affiliate author Amy Romine

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Another great question, so here’s my answer.

I’d like to say I burn the living daylights out of my edits for the crap that they are with a satisfying smile, after all I’m gettting rid of the bits I don’t like, right? But that would be a lie, and something I made up just to be funny. In truth, I can’t bare to part with anything even when they’ve been removed from my manuscript. They might, with a bit more editing, come in useful later.

For edits I remove from my WIP on the computer I take them out and put them onto another document, named “Edits removed and not used”, so there is absolutely no doubt in my mind when I go back to that page, what it is. I like to be organised. 🙂 I really dislike discovering documents where I have written stuff and I have no idea what it is, or where it’s from, or if I have used it already. A mess, basically.

However, since I do much of my writing by hand at first, I usually have a great big wad of paper with lots of scribbles on, of which I transfer to the computer. From this, I’ll copy what I need and then strike through each single sentence, paragraph or page used, so it is very clear what is left untouched has not been used in my story. And I keep everything. All my notes, brainstorming sessions, word clustering, character profiles and heaps more. Not totally a silly thing to do when writing a series, because what I don’t use may go into another book, plus most of my notes are then all ready for subsequent books.

What do you do with your edits? I bet most of you save them in some shape for form, after all, words for writers are pretty precious things.

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