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Do you write in logical order?

Question provided by Amy Romine.

Oh, I had to laugh out loud at this question because how I write is anything but logical, although it has logic, just of a different “Angelika” kind. Probably not normal in the usual sense of what most people believe to be logical.

When in my pre-planning stage, there is usually nothing to plan – just a vague idea I need to write a story. So I have a secret formula for this.

Vague notion  +  words  +  some magical thing called ideas, which seem to spring from my subconscious from nowhere at just the right time = scenes = chapters = Finished Book.  

I can’t get from my vague notion to the finished book without stringing some words together. So I start small, and if something springs to mind I write that scene, and that scene only. I don’t worry I don’t know how the book starts, or even how it ends — although once I get into the 1st draft planning stage I would rather know how it ends, over how it starts any day! I just write a scene as I think it up until eventually I have the basis for a story. Even though there’s a heck of a lot missing in between, it’s usually enough for me to start plotting. And I’m a big evil plotter once I have a rough idea where I want the story to go. I don’t have to stick to it, and quite often I usually find something better as I write, but it’s the foundation of keeping me under that hazy, kind of delirious stage many writers go through, when they write and complete a book.  You know, like when you read back your work and think, ‘Goodness! Where did THAT just spring from?’  Who knows how it happened, but it did.

So, no, I do not write in logical order, but it works for me. If I get enough scenes down, I can move them around to see in which order they sound better before I commit to anything – although there are always edits – waaaaay down the line. This, for me, is only my planning, pre-first draft stage – and I do most of it by hand – until there looks too much to have to try to go back to decipher (I have trouble reading my own writing when I write very fast!) in which case the scenes are then transferred into a some sort of order onto my computer (using Scrivener – see last week’s post: The Love of my Life) in the form of scene cards. And all I have to do then (ha!) is fill in the gaps with just a little bit of imagination (okay a lot!) and the determination to see it through to the very end. Logical, right?

What about you? Do you write in logical order?

Happy Easter everyone!

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