I’m Excited to be a Guinea Pig

I’m cute, furry, and like to stuff my cheeks with food to save for later. Yes, I’m a guinea pig. The very first of its kind to get its own book promotion press release!

It’s in a PDF format and you can check it out here: Black Ice Press Release

No other guinea pigs have one of these!


Damn Cute!

Me on a good hair day!

One thing. If they are not pigs and the do not come from Guinea. Who in their right mind decided to call them Guinea Pigs? There has GOT to be a story behind that, surely?
By the way I am chatting today, all day until 10pm UK Time at Alternative-Read.com (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/An_Alternative_Read/ ) Do come and join us. I’m offering a free copy of my book in eBook format to celebrate my Guinea Pig-ness –>today only<– to one lucky commenter. Well, I’d say that’s lucky, but you might think differently…

Angel X