#BlogHop4Writers: Be very afraid… with only a handful of words.

Welcome the Thursday, Oct 6th  #BlogHop4Writers post! You lucky things you! This week, I’ve kept it rather short. How’s that for lucky?  

QUESTION: Theme is a scary word for most writers. What is your take?Question provided by author: Katrina Nicola


Theme is meaning. Meaning is theme. I think we can get too bogged down with the dos and don’ts  of writing, but this one is important. Without a theme (meaning) there is no life and soul within a story. Hell, without meaning, there is no story!
There can be a whole overarching theme and a background theme, depending on what type of book you write and if it’s a series or stand-alone story.  More is definitely not merrier in all cases though. Series themes are generally backstory. The meaning behind it all.  And a theme is a small part of a much larger whole! It also has to carry a book from the beginning to end.
It can become all very confusing if one thinks too hard about it.  😛 But themes can generally be summed up in a handful of words.
Good will triumph over evil.
I will get my revenge!
True love can overcome death.
My empire will survive! 
Get the picture? “Click”  Yep, this is my snapshot of theme.What do you think, you saucy little things, you?

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