Well I’ve had a terrible cold for the last two weeks and it really knocked me back where my writing goals are concerned, however Monday is the start of a new week and I’ll work very hard to get as much writing done as possible.Honest, gov.

Meanwhile I thought I’d share something different with you. My ABC of BDSM – since that is what my new series is all about. I’ve seen this floating around in the blogosphere and thought I’d give it a go. The idea is to think of one word only for each, but I am afraid where one word was not enough I added more. (Very naughty of me to cheat, I know!) Each word has to mean something to you, so if you have a favourite paddle called Mr. Punishment, pop him in your list under M.

A = Ageplay / Anime

B = Butt plugs / Bondage

C = Collar / Control

D = Dominated / Deprivation of the senses

E = Exhibitionism / Eroticism / Evil Rubber Paddle

F = Fear

G = Gags

H = Humiliation

I = Intense / Introspection

J = Joy / Jism

K = Kneeling / Kink / Key

L = Licking / Leash

M = Master / Mind games / Mantra

N = Nipple clamps

O = Orgasm denial / Owned / Objectivity

P = Pain / Pleasure / Punishment / Plead / Padlock

Q = Quiver

R = Respect / Rough sex

S = Servitude / Submission / Scolding

T = Tasks / Tied / Tail

U = Use

V = Voyeurism

W = Whippings / Written Contract

X = Xmas spankings!

Y = Yelling!

Z = Zealous


What are your ABC’s of BDSM?



Yep, that's me!