Proper Intro…

While I am hoping to share good news with you here, I think I’d better write a proper blog post after yesterday’s frustration with my new friend WordPress. Plus I need the practice and I won’t get that sitting in front of my computer fuming, will I?

So, let’s start from the very beginning.  What I’ve been up to in the past.

I’ve reviewed for the Erotica-Readers and Writers Association (ERWA)

I was also a TOY reviewer (grins) for, although there is no evidence of me being there any more! Honest, I was, guv. Still, like the good girl I am, here’s a link to their spanking new site. And very nice it is, too.

Oh, yeah, nearly forgot. I had a little bit of a thing going on with Professor ‘Truly is the Devil’ Devlin. We worked on a little project together called The Spanking Mavens. Below I shall, for prosperity, add the old bio I had for when I worked with the Devil as the bottom half of The Mavens. And a link to the archives if you are interested. Don’t I just spoil you!


Ask the Spanking Mavens!

It’s a ‘letters page’ where I’m writing it along with Devlin O’Neill, the author of several erotic novels and a self-professed expert on spanking. Okay, he does seem to know a little about it, so I thought we’d try to address some of the questions that people, me mostly, have about the art of slapping a bum. Anyone who has questions of that sort, feel free to write to me, Angelika Devlyn. Just put Ask the Spanking Mavens in the heading somewhere, so I know it’s okay to use your letter, and you can sign it with any pseudonym you like, but mine, of course.

Archives can be found here: What red bottomed fun!

Gosh! The files there go way back to 2006. Doesn’t time fly when your bottom is not being spanked?