Scouts in Bondage!



So, this is why they love tying knots so  much? Not to be beaten, I’m on the verge of writing my own version for the girls. How about Brownies in Bondage?


So, it’s Friday the 13th today, and I’m actually going to risk a visit from Jason, by saying, sorry, but there’s no Flash Fiction for Friday today. Not from me, anyway, but there are still plenty of other great writers submitting their masterpieces. So, do go and pay them a visit.



I wasn’t going to tell anyone because it sounds so unprofessional, and more like a lie to cover up the fact that I’ve just been sitting around on my bum eating chocolates and drinking a vat full of wine daily since Nano started, but believe me, this is totally, utterly and miserably true. I had to call my insurance company because my furniture was floating out of  my front door on a flood of tears.  Yes, it was THAT bad!

Ready? I lost 30,000 new words on my laptop. Sniffle. I’ve tried everything get it back. Bribes. Flashing. Nothing works. They say it’s irrecoverable. I say, ‘That sucks!’

I’m mourning my loss.

So, while I’m recovering, I’m giving myself the FFF day off.  Just because I can! I’ve just had a truck load of wine and chocolates delivered, and a stack full of vids to curl up and cry with – Bridget Jones Style. That should sort me out. Failing that, I could resort to teasing Prof Dev. That always cheers me up!

Prodding and poking him, until he absolutely can’t take anymore. Winding him up like a clockwork pair of racing grannies.

l_racing_grannies3Oh, I’m feeling better just thinking about it!

Angelic Angel


P.S. Of all the days to not do Flash Fiction Friday (click here to see who is playing) and it’s the day they do 250 words, not a measly 100! And just look at that picture!!! I think I’m going to have to do it now, and post it on a Saturday, Sunday, or maybe even a Monday! Doesn’t every girl have the right to change her mind?

And who says it has to be on a Friday, anyway?