13 Kinky Things to Write About – Not for the faint-hearted! #erotica #LPRTG #SSRTG #EARTG 18+

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Added: WARNING: MAY OFFEND. JUST READ THE COMMENTS BELOW – AND JOIN IN IF YOU WISH LOL …  I thought it was just a list. How little I knew. In my defence, this is a site that is owned by a writer of e r o t i c a …


2. Anal sex

3. Ass to mouth

4. Snowballing

5. Femdom

6. Shemales

7. Transvestism

8. Water sports (golden showers)

9. Group sex

10. Gyno/medical play

11. Double penetration

12. Strap-ons  /sybians / dildos / vibrators

13. Facesitting

What’s your favourite? And which books did you find them in? Pray do share!

Or is this list just downright scary?

Next week, *IF* I live that long,  I may tackle – 13 STUPID Things I’ve done!  LOL Because I HAVE just done another STUPID thing to add to that list, and I might just end up throwing up for the rest of the night… *IF* I survive you’ll have that to look forward to,  next week… Stay tuned.

ADDED: Some of these comments are hilarious! You guys are so much fun! I consider myself well and truly told off… and have sought psychiatric help as requested LOL


Yep, that's me!