Work in Progress


This is what I have now called PROJECT A-Z and is a work in progress, which has been put on the back burner. But, I will get back to it. I promise!

To find out how this all began, please click here.

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Mock up book cover :: Motivation Fuel

Each time Heidi is tasked with an assignment I will add the details here, so do check back regularly to see how she is getting on.

This has slightly changed since I first developed the idea, as I realised when plotting there were two books hidden deep within.

S1. Ep1. A = Age Play

S1. Ep2. B = …


From the above book I realised I had about three separate (large) stories in one idea. Hence the second idea in the pipeline that appeared when I was plotting this series, which is now a separate work in progress with the title of PROJECT RIVALS. More about that later!

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